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            THANK YOU

            Darcy Findlay - Fish Findlay Classic 3 vs 3 Mens 18+ Hockey Tournament

            Geri Murray - Fair Parking lot

            Quyon Ferry - Donation

            Sat, 16 Mar 16:10 Midget A
             Lions Pontiac
             Loups Collines
            Sun, 17 Mar 15:30 Midget A
             Loups Collines
             Lions Pontiac
            Thu, 21 Mar 19:40 Midget A
             Lions Pontiac
             Citoyens Hull
            Sat, 23 Mar 18:00 Midget A
             Citoyens Hull
             Lions Pontiac
            Sun, 24 Mar 13:10 Midget A
             Lions Pontiac
             Citoyens Hull
            Welcome to the Shawville and District Minor Hockey (SDMHA) website.

            Our association provides organized minor hockey programs mandated and sanctioned by Hockey Quebec and Hockey Canada. Our programs begin with the initiation (MAHG) program that teaches the fundamentals of hockey and ends with the dynamics and adrenaline of fast-paced Midget-level action.

            Registration is now open…..
            Pre-Novice (Mahg):    
            $150 + Mandatory Fundraising (Hockey Pools) $50 = $200
            Novice-Midget Registration:
            From June 18th -  Aug 24th : $425 + Mandatory Fundraising (Hockey Pools) $70 = $495
            From Aug 25th – Oct 1st  : $445 + Mandatory Fundraising (Hockey Pools) $70 = $515
            We have created a discount for the 3rd and more players in a family.  As Pre-Novice (Mahg) is already discounted, this rebate is applied to registrations from Novice to Midget.  You will notice this adjustment once you've registered your player and completed the "check out" process.
            Again this year, the SDMHA is using Hockey Canada registration (HCR) system.  You will need to use the following link to access the Hockey Canada site. 

            All our members will need to create an account.  The only exception will be if you’ve moved to SDMHA from another association where you already had a Hockey Canada account, in that case, you can log in using your previous account information.  This HCR site is Canada wide so you will only ever have to create one account.

            All returning players are already in the system, you will need to "search" and then when you key in their name, DOB, etc, you will see that a match will come up in the area below.  If they have been registered in the past, but a match doesn't appear, please do not register them again, just email us for assistance. 

            All first time players will need to "register a new player".  Please contact our Registrar at registrar@ for more information or any questions.
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